Monday, February 25, 2013

What's in the fridge?

So I have been sitting here thinking okay my money has lower.  now I really need to keep track of where it goes and how to make the difference not seem well so different.  I am going to start with actually serving the food I bought....   What a concept!!!   So to start this I divided all the cottage cheese and yogurt that I had in the fridge in to 1/2 cup servings in ball and mason jars. I made a big batch of oatmeal and divided that up too.  I also cooked extra eggs and spinach and divided that up.

I think this way will save time and money.  I plan to do this twice a week for things like the eggs and spinach.  I love this idea the kids will have a snack already to go and I will have something to grab and eat while I am running around.


I am looking into:
                         cost per meal...   Anyone know how to figure this out???

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clearing those unloved items

The first thing I am doing to live within my means is to free our family for those things we no longer love and haven't used in a while.  I have felt for a while now that stuff is taking over our  home an our lives.  I want to spend time with my family not picking up after them or reorganizing their things again.  This goes for me too!  I have collected educational materials for my someday classroom or that I might  use sometime, but when you can't find it or have forgotten about it, it becomes more clutter and doesn't matter.  I have been doing child care for a few years now and haven't used some of that stuff.  I am learning that children don't need all that stuff.   Do you know what they really need????  Is for me to love them and talk the time to talk and listen to them.  Be there for and with them.  All that stuff is just stuff!  We spend our days doing real world activities check us out Everyday On Purpose.

One of the books that has helped me is this journey is Simplicity Parenting.  Within the past few years  we done a purge of about three or four tuck loads of stuff, had a big garage sale, and for a while weekly I was bringing donations in.  I can't believe there is still stuff left.  You maybe wondering how this time was different well I went around thinking if we were to move and had to pay for all this stuff to be moved what would we move. Would I pay for that to be shipped or loaded per pound.  I was going to donate it but we don't have a place to pick up.  So this way I only have to get it outside.  Plus the kids want to sell Lemon-aid. Its a start I am sure I will do this again but this way some is gone and gives me a canvas to see what else there is.

I plan to save the money for a rainy day.  Hummm  maybe a small special family get away.  :)

So to start to get our life back on track I am clearing out the stuff that I am getting rid of a lot of stuff to have more time for my family..  

Have you done is or felt the same way?  Did it help your family?